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Location: Georgia. Tbilisi
Birth year: 1988
Size: XS-S, 34-36
Hair: black
Eyes: Hazel green
Height: 182
Chest: 90
Waist: 65
Hips: 89
Shoe size: 39
Weight: 45 kg


2 years of modeling experience


Amsa, Lika Kazbegi Agency, Natali,



Fashion, print, catalog, editorial, showroom, fit, tearoom, lingerie’s


About Me:

First of all I want to say that I am very motivated Georgian girl, who has a great wish to become a successful model. I am 19 years old student at university; I danced in the state national ensemble ‘’Erisioni’’, Georgian dances, also I worked at Tbilisi International Airport, in VIP Service department as VIP agent for one year, now I am working at the car centre ISI, as office manager. Except of these becoming model is the one of the most important goal of my life, so I try to do all my bests, and hope that my wish will become truth..


I am a very good artist, I love camera, photo shoots, acting, and as my friends say, if I choose to become actress, I would be very popular, but I suppose that modeling and acting is in close touch of each others, and hope that this talent will help me in modeling career.