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Location: Texas
Birth year: 1988
Size: XS-S, 34-36
Hair: black
Height: 160 cm
Waist: 63 cm
Hips: 85 cm
Shoe size: 37
Weight: 45 kg


Over 5 years of modeling experience





I am very open minded, creative, devoted and hard working and available for almost any type of assignment that will postively enhance my career.

I love meeting new people and visiting new places. Although I currently reside in Houston Texas I am available to work just about anywhere when my expenses are covered,I normally conduct assignments in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago, Madrid, Milan, Paris and London.


About Me:

I was born in a village in Moldova, were I finished elementary and high school, surrounded by family and my loving parents. At 18 years old I moved to Chisinau, the Capital, to pursue my career, were I graduated in Economics. After graduation, I visited and then lived in Turkey for 6 years were I learned the language, and was attracted by its culture and people. After that, I came back to Moldova were I met my future husband from America. Now I leave in USA and have realized that what I studied in the past, wasn't for me. So now I am pursuing a photo model career at this site. I look forward to learning Spanish and other languages, given my ability. I enjoy swimming, dancing, going out with friends, picnics, barbecues, etc. I love to take care of me, by exercising often and eating healthy. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the photoshoots..


love music, people, climbing, dancing, clothes, fashion, writing poems and painting..